LightString Class Reference

LightString provides efficient string implementation. More...

#include <LightString.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LightString (char *memoryPointer, unsigned size)
 Constructs value with the given data.
 LightString (const LightString &ls)
 Copy constructor.
const LightStringoperator= (const LightString &)
 safe assign operator
virtual ~LightString ()

Public Attributes

char * memoryPointer
 pointer to the stored string
int * refCount
 pointer to the reference counter
unsigned size
 Length of the stored string.

Detailed Description

LightString provides efficient string implementation.

It was designed reduce overhead while copying string to minimum. While being copied, the reference count is incremented as well as it is decremented when calling the destructor. The whole object is destructed as soon as the reference count reaches zero.

Definition at line 19 of file LightString.h.

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