Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CacheWhole cache manager class
ExceptionSuper-class of all exceptions - the rest of them is self-explanatory
GarbageCollectorA background cache cleaner
hit_response_headerHeader for get response returning object
increment_request_headerIncrement request header
increment_response_headerHeader for increment response
InfoStores information about a single connection with one client
LightStringLightString provides efficient string implementation
LogStructure used to queue logs
LoggerClass that manages logging events related to the cache
raw_request_headerGeneric request header
raw_response_headerGeneric response header
requestContains data bound with request processing, eg
request_headerRequest header
response_headerResponse header used for stats response
ServerLoggerClass similar to Logger but handling only CacheServer events
set_request_headerSet request header
SettingsStructure storing the configuration
SpaceClass containing the logical namespace of the cache
Space::HashTabElementAuxiliary class for keeping elements in the hash table, containing information about the cached value and iterator to LRUList
Space::LRUListElementAuxiliary class for keeping elements in the LRUList, containing the key to hash table and expiry time of the cached value
statisticsContains statistics such as how many requests of set/get type were performed and their results
StatsStructure holding every sort of meta information of the Space object
ThreadStores information about a single thread
UserUser class is able to create Space's, load them from file or provide its references
ValueClass representing objects that are stored in the cache
workerDataTask information structure sent to worker threads via pipes

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